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Length 255mm(10inch)
Weight 3.2oz
Hook Size #2/0

* 3D EYE 2 sets on the left and right


The swim bait we designed has a soft body design that make it qualified for many kinds of flexible movements and the fisher could control it easily through the operation of the fishing reel.


The fisher could control the swim bait easily through the operation of the fishing boat reel, pressing "GO"or "STOP".

Slow retrieve

The I letter system action
The fins on both sides of the fish body are designed with long tail like the capital letter "I", with the enhanced resistance to water flow it has perfect performance to keep balance in the water.

Walk the dog

Walk the Dog action
By making good use of line slack, you can perform walk the dog actions that are sticky to the left and right.

Medium retrieve

Flag action
The second half of the fish body will swing left and right with the first half of the fish body rolling, like a flag waving in the wind. Longer tails are also designed to provoke larger splashes.


The hook holder slit adopted in the flag has a slit (groove) to insert the hook into the lure body as the name, and the hook position is fixed, so it is easy to insert the hook along the slit.
(In addition, the flag255 is equipped with a gap that can accommodate the fishhook eye)
In addition, the FLAG255 has a slit that can accommodate a hook eye.
In addition, there is a slit in the belly so the hook can pop out from the body easily when hitting the fish without serious damage in body.
Because the hook is linked with the swivel set, the hitched fish is hard to run away.

SIMPLE ADJUSTABLE SINKRATE (easy sttlement rate adjustment)

By adopting a special material, it becomes a floating material.
The sinking speed can be adjusted with a nail sinker so that it can respond to the situation of the field, the situation of the fish, or the operation feeling of the angler.

Insert the nail sinker in the position you like, and you can adjust it into a variety of swimming positions. This is the feature of the soft swim bait, and also the attraction of everyone.
By inserting the nail sinker in your favorite position, you can enjoy it according to the various swimming postures that are characteristic of soft swim bait.
The FLAG 255 has three TG sinkers.

There is a hole for the nail sinker in the fin part of the body. You can adjust the sinking speed by inserting the different size of nail sinker(0g to 1.3g) to the swim bait.

*0.9g nail sinker is included in the swim bait by default.
If you use other sinkers out of designed spec(0g to 1.3g), the swimming behavior of the swim bait might be changed.

*It is a super slow sinking speed. When used in summer and sea water, there will be floating model and suspended model, but there is no problem with the products ,
Please adjust with nail sinker and so on.
At the time of sale, it is set to super slow sinking. When used in summer or seawater, it may be a floating model or a suspended model, but there is no problem with the product. Please adjust with a nail sinker or the like.


Precautions for use

  • This product is made of worm material.
    Although it has a certain level of strength, it may be torn or damaged.
    Please purchase and use it after understanding.
  • After use, it is recommended to store it in the enclosed blister case to avoid deformation.

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